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A new version of AXS for Windows is available !!!

Last weekend we got together and hacked a few bugs out of 'WinAxs'. Most important bug which has been fixed is that the knobs now take their correct position when you select a preset. We've also tested the WAV renderer (avaible from SETTINGS) and it writes AXS output to disk (c:\test.wav).

Resolution is a small dutch software company specialised in audio synthesis and processing software. Our first public release, AXS, has been received with great enthousiasm by the music community. AXS is a combination of an analog synthesizer, a sampler, two effect units and a sequencer. Its integrated design makes it very pleasant and fast to work with.

[axs synthesizer]

We are currently working on a Windows software synthesizer like AXS. A lof of new features will be integrated, including true stereo voice generation, 3 oscillators per voice, improved filters and 100% alias free oscillators.
A lot of code has already been written, but to tie all the objects together and make the user interface pleasant to work with we first need to do some more work on our platform.

[axs sampler & tracker]